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NOTE: In order for a User to Upload into Filesociety they must be administered folder access and upload permissions by the Account Admin. 

*Because an Upload can only take place into a designated / administered folder it's important Admins that you first create a folder in your Account to authorize a User to upload into. 


  • Users - Select a folder in your Library as desired location for files/folders to be uploaded into then select the Upload icon 


  • When the Upload window appears select the Add Files button or Add Folders button to locate files/folders for upload.
      • If you want to remove any of the selected files, simply click on the x to the right of the file and it will be removed.



  • Send notifications to YourselfAccount Admin, Account Users, or User Groups of your Account.
  • Select contacts on the left and using green arrow  button add them to the Recipients list on the right - you can also double-click contacts to add them to Recipients. Remove Recipients with the back arrow 
  • Recipients of a notification will receive an email and PDF File Transfer Report of all files Uploaded, the total amount of data transferred and the transfer time.




  • When you are ready, select the UPLOAD
  • Aspera Connect Plug-in window will launch on your desktop once you begin the upload process.


*FileSociety is a fully hosted application service so you will need to Refresh   the screen after an Upload. Once Refreshed your page will display the files you have uploaded.



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