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NOTE: In order for a User to Download from Filesociety they must be administered folder access and download permissions by the Account Admin. 

*Because files can only be downloaded from a designated folder it's important Admins that you authorize that User access to download from that folder.


  • Select the files/folders you want to Download and then select the Download icon 


  • When the Download window appears you can see all files and folders and contents of folders that you have selected to download. If you want to remove any of the selected files or folders, simply click on the x to the right of the file and it will be removed. You do not have the capability to remove individual files from within a selected folder, only the entire folder.
  • Send notifications to YourselfAccount Admin, Account Users, or User Groups of your Account.
  • Select contacts on the left and using green arrow  button add them to the Recipients list on the right - you can also double-click contacts to add them to Recipients. Remove Recipients with the back arrow 
  • When you are ready, select the DOWNLOAD button.

*Recipients of a notification will receive an email and PDF File Transfer Report of all files downloaded, the total amount of data transferred and the transfer time.


  • The Aspera Connect Plug-in window will launch on your desktop once you begin the download process.


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